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Keeping optimal stock and maximizing profit is the ideal. But it is challenging if you don’t have the right processes and tools. The life cycle of a PO can be long, and needs constant monitoring. Purchasing also requires good data from the sales side of the business to make the correct decisions.

For a retailer to successfully compete it is essential that all parts of the business are working to complement each other. With a good purchasing team you have the right products available to sell at the right price.

Ordering can be tricky, especially if you don’t have good data. With myPOmanager, (www.mypomanager.com) an add-on component for TOMS, we look at your sales data and seasonal weighting to see what you will need to order for the next cycle. Our system also takes into account vendor lead times, so you can order the right quantity.

There are three key functions

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Generating purchase orders has traditionally been a manual task, based often on d a sense of what sells. Retailers spend lot of time trying to figure out what gives them the best chance to move inventory quickly and at the right price. Our flexible and powerful module for automatically generating Purchase Orders takes into account your sales data, and the vendor data, to suggest the right quantity to purchase. All you have to do is to review and approve the PO. This is then sent to the Vendor automatically, through email, integration through EDI or an API, dependent on what is available for the vendor.


Tracking the vendor shipments can be tedious. Our centralized system lets you record the data, run reports for vendor delivery patterns and then rank them for future purchases. Receiving the products within the expected time provides you the power to sell to your plan and to meet your revenue goals. Tracking your purchase order status is key to proactively working with the vendor to get the products shipped on time.



Tracking accounts payable is a critical part of your financial status. Also, paying on time often means a discount on the amount payable. We generate invoices based on what you receive so that you can reconcile with the vendor’s invoice, and only pay for what you received. You can also export these invoices to your financial system and track them there. Our dashboard allows you to see different statuses of the invoices and record payments made.

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