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Connect to Stores

It is a convenience for customers to be able to order online and pick up in store. You need a way to accomplish this effectively and efficiently. FulComX our fulfillment Commerce Xchange solution might be the best option for a loosely coupled system that gets the work done. FulComX is integrated with our Order Management system and allows you to collaborate with your stores, or even other retailers.

FulComX provides a connection to your OMS which can get inventory from your stores to the warehouse, or inventory from your warehouse to the store. Or the stores can order it online if they run out of stock. It is a two way sharing of inventory information that helps you to increase your sales and make your customers happy. You need to be where your customers are.

Stores Module can do the following.

  • Get Orders from the OMS to the stores. (Pick up from Stores or Ship to Stores).
  • Get Orders from Stores to OMS for shipping from the warehouse.
  • Collaborate with other retailers to fulfill orders.

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